Starting A Guesthouse

If you study tourism, you will notice that there is a big difference in the trends in tourism today compared to as a recent as a decade ago. In the past, when we thought of tourism, the first thing that we thought about was money because travelling and tourism was often associated with rich people who had a lot of money to spend but today, we are seeing something very different. Many young people are travelling and following their dreams of seeing the world with a very little money in their hands.

They are going in to countries without much of a plan and with a very little money, often only enough for their air tickets and a little extra to pay for basic accommodation which means that they will certainly not be able to afford to stay in the big fancy hotels that countries have to accommodate tourists. However, the tourism sector itself has yet not adjusted to these backpacker tourists and therefore, while there are a lot more travelers and a lot more tourists, there is a massive drop in sales in the big hotels. This is where small affordable basic guest houses come in to the picture. If you were to start a small guest house business with minimal facilities for a low rate, you will be likely to attract these young people.

Investing in a place

The first thing you will need to do is to find a place that is suitable for a guest house. If you have money, you can buy it out right or you can even choose to rent it out which has more of a risk of course. If you are going to buy it, you will want to check the property certificate of the place you are interested in to make sure that it is a clear and clean cut place without any deed problems.

If you find the place you want, you will have to find some reputed and well known settlement agents to come in and take on the case for the transfer of the property in to your own name. After you have gotten the place, you need to work on the interior design of the place. You will have to provide your guests with a nice comfortable and clean place to stay. They will not expect any high end facilities but they will expect hygiene and maybe a free breakfast if you can manage it. Most of these young tourists are travelers so all they will be looking for is a place to lay their heads at night.

Starting A Guesthouse
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