Road Rules Every Citizen Must Follow

The number of road accidents that happen in the world is overwhelming. While some people say that it is the pedestrian’s fault, others blame the driver. Regardless of the criminal, it is important to understand that both could be victims when it comes to accidents. Therefore, both parties must take equal responsibility to ensure their own personal safety and that of others on the road. Listed below are some regulations every citizen must follow.

Use the yellow lines

These are regulations that are taught to first graders. Yet people fail to follow this rule. It is not known whether people disobey this rule because they are in an emergency or simply because they do not value their lives. It is important for pedestrians to cross the road in the yellow line while the drivers must patiently wait and allow the pedestrians to cross. This will definitely solve the issue to a great extent.

Know your speed limit

The government is investing on speed limit boards not just because they have too much money. These boards are kept to inform the drivers about their limits. Unless you are running away from an apocalypse, there is no need for you to exceed the speed limit. People who pass the speed limit do not hit anyone else but rather go on crash the vehicle somewhere. This means that you are putting yourself in danger purposely. There is no point in contacting road accident traffic compensation if the fault is yours. If you are to blame for the incident, you will definitely have to take responsibility for your actions.

Do NOT text

It has been found that this is the main reason for road accidents over the recent years. Statistics show that the number of people who text while driving are higher than the number of drunk drive cases. This shows the severity of the problem. If it is an unavoidable emergency, then pull over, finish the text and then drive. If you text while driving and run the car over someone, not even the best motor vehicle accident lawyers can save you.

Walking on the wrong side of the road

Pedestrians must always walk on the right-hand side of the road. This means that you must walk facing the oncoming traffic. This will enable you to stay safe from getting hit by a passing vehicle. Regardless of how urgent the situation is, make sure that you walk on the right side. If a vehicle accidently hits you, it is technically your fault.

Therefore, make sure to follow the above mentioned regulations since by the time you realize, it will be too late.


Road Rules Every Citizen Must Follow
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