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Responsibilities Of A Litigation Paralegal

The duties of a paralegal are different to that of an attorney. Although the former professionals are more or less an attorney, they are not allowed to practice law since they lack certain qualifications. One of the main types of paralegals in the industry is litigation paralegals. If you are interested in being one, here is what you need to know about the job path.


This is the process of taking the case to the court. Not all attorneys are trained in arguing in court. For instance, corporate and real estate attorneys usually work from their commercial law firms in Melbourne since most of their work is to do with paperwork. In this case, you would be required to help the client to take the cast to court instead of the attorney since paralegals are more familiar with court processes, trail documentation filings, etc.


This is must be your specialty and strong suit. In terms of factual research, you will be required to research on the client’s background; details about the opposing party and locating important documents are that useful for the case. This type of work is usually not done by litigation lawyers since they deal with more complicated issues such as representing the client in court. You might also be expected to conduct legal research in which you will have to look into similar court cases that happened in the past in order to understand how the law applies to the case.

Document Drafting

Although all documents that are presented at court have to be signed by litigation lawyers in Melbourne, the document necessarily does not have to be drafted by them. This job is usually given to the paralegal. For instance, you might be expected to draft a complaint or motion. Apart from drafting them, you will also be responsible for distributing the copies to the opposing party and documenting it in the case file.

Trial support

Of course, as a paralegal, you will not be able to present the client in court. But, the attorney will require your assistance in certain matters. For example, pre-trail disclosures and depositions can be quite hectic. You will be required to help you employers with these processes. Moreover, you would also be required to assist witnesses, help with the jury selection process, interact with the client and take notes during the trial.

Although you might earn and be appreciated less, being a paralegal is a prestigious position as well. So, instead of worrying about your competency, try to increase your qualifications to work yourself up there.

Responsibilities Of A Litigation Paralegal
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