Practical Experiences All The Law Students Need Prior To The Oath Ceremony

Every law student has to go through experiences that they can gain by court visits, deed making and working for a corporate firm. In many countries prior to the oath ceremony this practical session is made compulsory because otherwise they will be lawyers of their country who has no knowledge other than what they were taught in their universities. Theory knowledge is important but it is not always the same when it comes to practical sessions especially when it comes to litigation therefore this period is extremely necessary for their lives. One day when they become lawyers they can be thankful for this period as they had experiences to deal with the current situations. They should always work with a senior lawyer in this phase because then those seniors can take them to court, show them how to appear before courts and teach them ethics that are necessary for this field. The same applies if they go to practice in the notarial field as then the notary can teach them on the different deeds available and how they can be executed and attested. Therefore it is clear that the help of a senior is necessary to cover this phase.

In some other countries the highest court in law expects a letter from such senior, which states that the law student had his/her practical training under that particular senior. These are done in order to raise the standard of the profession and to actually give quality training for the student. There are students who even go for suspended sentence work as that too is a good set of experiences that they can get. The best thing is that they don’t get to receive all such experiences when they become lawyers one day because by that time they will be anyways piled up with work and there won’t be situations or opportunities for them to go open themselves up.

Another experience that one can get is by working under a bribery corruption lawyer as they get to face many fraudulent matters that people do. This is an interesting area and also the students get to learn the law behind this as well.

They can either work under them or can join with a lawyer working for the commission of bribery which gets so many cases that has occurred against the state. It’s a mode of being aware of the crimes of that state and definitely a mode of increasing common sense which is mandatory.

Practical Experiences All The Law Students Need Prior To The Oath Ceremony
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